Hand-Crafted Aromatherapy
  • Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces


    These essential oil wooden diffuser necklaces are a must for those who love aromatherapy. Necklaces come with 20" chains, and have 1.5" wood medallion circles. There are also an assortment of gold and antique bronze charms and colored beads to choose from. Beads are handmade, and colors may slightly vary. 

    To add essential oils, simply rub a few drops of essential oil into the back of the wooden piece (so that it will be touching your skin while worn) and let sit for 10 seconds. Some of the scent from each oil will linger on the necklace, so it is recommended that you use a new necklace for each essential oil, if you aren't ok with mixing scents. 

    *Citrus oils may cause skin sensitivity when worn in the sun, so caution is advised.