Hand-Crafted Aromatherapy
  • Fall Scented Cotton Wick Soy Candles


    Note: Now only available with cotton wicks.

    Each of our candles are handcrafted with all natural, American grown soy wax, cotton wicks and high quality fragrance oils. Our products are made to order, and individually labeled by hand. Since soy wax is a natural material, each candle may have its own look and/or texture. 

    Our 10oz candles are perfect for an average sized room and have a burn time of 50+ hours. They come in a glass jar with a gold metal lid. 


    When you light your candle for the first time, we recommend burning until a full melt pool has been reached. This will prevent tunneling and increase the burn time of your candle. Soy wax is considered a memory wax, and will only burn to the point of the initial burn.

    After every burn, once the wax has cooled trim the top burnt part of the wick. A wick that is not trimmed may create burning issues