Hand-Crafted Aromatherapy
  • Message Candle Line


    The perfect way to send a clear message is to use all the senses... well at least a good smelling candle is a for sure bonus!

    Oily Blends Cotton Wick Soy Candles are hand made with American grown soy wax, cotton wicks and high quality fragrance oils. We thoughtfully consider each ingredient, and take deep satisfaction in our perfectly finished products. Our products are handmade to order, and individually labeled. 


        6 oz candles are perfect for an average sized room and have a burn time of 25+ hours. These come in an amber glass jar with a white lid.


    • Best Mom Ever (berry scent)
    • Best Dad Ever (blue sugar scent)
    • Happy Birthday (birthday cake scent)
    • Will you be my Bridesmaid? (smells like Chanel #5)
    • Will you be my Maid of Honor? (smells like Chanel #5)
    • I'm praying for you (spring garden scent)
    • ❤️ you (marshmallow scent)
    • I'm here for you (cucumber splash scent)
    • Get well (sunflower scent)
    • This too shall pass (fruit candy scent)
    • I miss your face (love spell scent)
    • I'm thinking of you (spring garden scent)

    *Since soy wax is a natural material, each candle may have its own look and/or texture.*