Hand-Crafted Aromatherapy
  • Mom Candles


    Every mom needs to laugh, be seen, and to know that she is not alone. Our Mom Candles are one small nod to the sisterhood of motherhood. As different as we all are, we understand.

    Oily Blends Cotton Wick Soy Candles are hand made with American grown soy wax, cotton wicks and high quality fragrance oils. We thoughtfully consider each ingredient, and take deep satisfaction in our perfectly finished products. Our products are handmade to order, and individually labeled. 

    These come in a glass jar with a metal lid and white cardboard box. Scent descriptions will be on the outside of each box. (Burn time 70+ Hours)


    • Cookie Crumbs – An entire package of store-bought cookies, crushed into a fine dust, and sprinkled throughout the house.
    • Dry Shampoo – A lovely floral scent, with a hint of aerosol and flakiness.
    • Family Picture Day – A blend of tears, fake smiles, matching outfits and a flask of cabernet wine.
    • Go Ask Your Father – The elusive scent of cologne and responsibility.
    • Hiding in the Closet – The scent of a margarita being sipped in a dark, quiet place.
    • Laundry Mountain – The smell of freshly washed clothes that were never worn to begin with.
    • Memories of a Shower – Dreams of a long, hot, steamy shower, with expensive shampoo and luxury soap, while settling for another day of baby wipes and dry shampoo.
    • MomMomMomMimosa – Orange juice, champagne, and an aspirin.
    • Reheated Coffee – Dark roast coffee, with a hint of breast milk, heated for the fourth time today.
    • Shameless Bribes - A lovely blend of chocolate, mom guilt, and manipulation.
    • Suspicious Silence – Mystery Scent. Because you never know what you’ll find when the kids are quiet.
    • Touched Out – A relaxing lavender and lime, without any boundaries or personal space.

    *Since soy wax is a natural material, each melt may have its own look and/or texture.*