Hand-Crafted Aromatherapy
  • Shaving Stand with Brush, Bowl and Handcrafted Soap


    If you've been searching for the perfect shave, we have the solution. This shaving set comes with a stand, badger hair brush, bowl and handcrafted shaving soap. 

    Crafted for the ultimate shaving experience, the short rounded brush handle is easy to grip in the hand and swirl around over the soap, creating an abundance of luxurious creamy lather. The handmade soap contains bentonite clay, which provides the perfect amount of "slip", helping to prevent razor burn and bumps. Tea tree and grapefruit essential oils are also added for their benefits to healthy skin. 

    **Steps to Get the Perfect Shave:**

    Wet face with warm water

    Dip the brush in to hot water

    Swirl brush around shaving soap, creating lather

    Apply lather to your skin with brush in circular strokes


    Rinse brush and face with water