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  • Teacher Gift Boxes

    Teacher Gift Boxes - Now available for homeschool moms!
    What better way to show the teachers in your lives how much you appreciate them? Our gift boxes come with Apple Potpourri and your choice of one of our comical teacher candles (6 oz) listed below!

    Available Candle Scents:
    1. Best Teacher EverCandy Apple Scent
    2. Homeschool Teacher by Force: Cabernet Wine Scent
    3. Grades are due: Smells like sleepless nights and all the coffee (Coffee Bean Scent)
    4. Parent e-mails: I need a margarita to respond to this (Lime Margarita Scent)
    5. PTA Moms: The aroma of 90s Body Spray and Type A Control Tendencies (Love Spell Scent)
    6. Teacher’s pet: A whiff of apples with notes of favoritism (Fuji Apple Scent)
    7. Planning period: Smells like a mini tropical vacation, with a hint of disinfectant (Tropical Scent)
    8. Broken Crayons (mystery scent, with chunks of broken crayon melted on the top)